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The world's leading companies

Forbes Top 2000

Forbes Top 2000

Each country has a company which holds some clout somewhere, but the Forbes Global 2000 is the biggest and most powerful list in the world, containing the those companies that hold the biggest clout of all.

The rankings span 62 countries, with the US (515 members) and Japan (210 members) still dominating the list, but with a combined 33 fewer entries.

This year, the following countries gained the most ground: mainland China (113 members), India (56 members) and Canada (62 members). Even Oman and Lebanon are now Global 2000 members. Also gaining a significant presence on the Forbes list this year are corporations from Ireland, South Africa and Sweden.

In total the Global 2000 companies now account for $30 trillion in revenues, $1.4 trillion in profits, $124 trillion in assets and $31 trillion in market value.

Forbes Top 2000

Winners and losers of the report

The report found that despite the many problems which have plagued the financial sector, banks still dominate the list with a huge majority, as 308 companies in the 2000 lineup are banks.

The oil and gas industry, with 115 companies, scores high in sales, profits and stock-market value, yet these sectors were not the leaders in growth over the past year. Insurance companies, which were up 27 percent, led all sectors in sales growth, while the leaders in profit growth were drugs and biotech firms, up 20 percent.

Still only making it on the list by the skin of their teeth is companies such as those in the hotels, restaurants and leisure sector, the business services and supplies sector, and the semiconductors sectors.


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